G.i.Joe Dial Tone (25th Anniv./modern era) Accessories Catalog


Dial Tone (25th Anniv./modern era) head: White or Gray $5

Did you miss out on the G.i.Joe collectors club membership figure of 2011?

The 25th anniversary (or modern era) Dial Tone was a GJCC exclusive that sold out in record time. If you weren't a member you pretty much had to pay an arm and a leg to get it. Here is your chance to customize yourself a figure for much less!
Custom Dial Tone (25th Anniv./modern era) heads come in white or a range of gray, from light to dark shades, and are made in polyurethane plastic, which takes paint very well. All heads maintain the details of the original, but be aware that the socket that connects them to the figure body needs to be drilled out by you.

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Last Updated on 07/22/2012