G.i.Joe Accessories Catalog

Mortar Defense Unit OD Green Sandbag Custom Reproductions:

G.i.Joe mortar defense unit modified custom reproduction sandbags come in sets of ten (10) units, in olive drab green (like the originals). However, these are solid plastic to the bottom, not just a hollow shell like the originals were.

These bags are intended for use in dioramas and to set up your loose 1:18 (4" or 3 3/4") military action figures (any brand). They are not intended as a replacement for G.i.Joe mortar defense sets, since the bag is a solid block and thus different from the original. I will give a bulk discount if you want to order several sets (5 or more). Send me a message to discuss it if interested. The more you order, the bigger the discount.

$5 for a set of 10 bags

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Last Updated on 07/22/2012